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Bride Bunny

A handmade bride bunny perfect for a flower girl gift or a keepsake. Made in a Italian linen. The size of the bunny is approximately 18cm in length.

£45 (with dress)

£25 (no dress)

Embroidery Design

An embroidery bird to be sewn onto any garment, and it can be embroidered in a different thread colour. Or send me your image idea and I can create a personalised piece of embroidery.


A beautiful detailed handmade belt with long silk chiffon ties at the back, embellished with tiny seed beads on tulle, with a silk knit flower detail on the edge. A unique design that will beautify any bridal gown. 


Custom Embroidery

A strip of beautiful handmade embroidery on a fabric of your choice. The size measures 36cm by 10cm including seam allowance. The strip of embroidery can be added to the end of sleeves or around the neck line.


Samples of Fabric

Buy 5 or 10 samples of fabric, carefully selected to help you develop your bespoke wedding dress. The different styles of fabrics will demonstrate the feel, the look and how it moves. The fabrics can be a range of silks, cottons & linens, including ethical fabrics of bamboo and organic cotton with the GOTS trademark. The fabrics will help brides develop their bespoke dress.

5 samples - £14.99
10 samples - £28.99

Bridal Belt

Wedding Keepsake Illustration

A hand painted illustration on A5 hand made paper. Send an image of your dress from your wedding day to turn into a pretty painting and keepsake idea. Buy now and send image to
info @


Dip Dye Service

Dip dye your wedding dress, using two or more colours of your choice. 
Prices will vary depending on number of colours and layers.

From £150


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