We want to create pieces you can wear beyond your wedding day. We can dip-dye your dress after the wedding, to transform it into a dress you can wear on any other occasion. Or we can make alterations, to, transform your beautiful dress into an astounding pair of trousers.

The wedding industry is notorious for it's wasteful, harmful and polluting processes. By creating bespoke dresses that can be worn again, we don’t overproduce, we are recycling, and our dresses are made from environmentally friendly materials.

We design eco-friendly bridalwear, for the conscious bride who is passionate about sustainability and ethics, and who questions materials and methods of production.

Our bespoke, romantic, boho-style dresses are made from Peace Silk, which is produced without harming silkworms. It is also organic, meaning it bypasses the pesticides and carcinogenic chemicals usually used in silk production.

We love slow fashion, where single designs are added to a core collection. The emphasis is on the longevity of the design, and timelessness.

Eco-Friendly wedding dresses

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Look and feel beautiful, while staying true to your social and environmental ethics

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We sell recycled pieces, included bride bunnies, sample fabrics, wedding keepsake illustrations, bridal belts and custom embroidery.



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